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  Model   USD   EUR   Leading Time Brand 6AV2124-0MC01-0AX0 1234.29 1136.84 3-5 days SIEMENS 6ES7193-6BP20-0DC0 39.38 36.26 6 weeks SIEMENS 6ES7193-6BP20-0BB1 25.26 23.26 3-5 days SIEMENS PSR6-600-70 80.57 74.21 3-5 days ABB PSE18-600-70 315.20 290.32 3-5 weeks ABB PSE105-600-70 970.30 893.7 3-5 days ABB BMXCPS2010 100.29 92.37 3-5 days SCHNEIDER BMXP342020 408.00 375.79 3-5 days SCHNEIDER BMXAMI0410 154.11 141.94 3-5 days SCHNEIDER DOP-110CS 163.80 150.87 3-5 days DELTA DVP28SV11R2 171.30 160.00 3-5 days DELTA VFD49AMS23ANSAA 481.86 443.82 3-5 days DELTA


 6ES75184AP000AB0 6ES75184AX001AC0 6ES75173AP000AB0 6ES75163AN010AB0 6ES75152AM010AB0 6ES75131AL020AB0 6ES75111AK020AB0 6ES75121CK010AB0 6ES75111CK010AB0 6ES75162PN000AB0 6ES75121DK010AB0 6ES75101DJ010AB0 6ES75111TK010AB0 6ES75111UK010AB0 6ES75152TM010AB0 6ES75152UM010AB0 6ES75163TN000AB0 6ES75163UN000AB0 6ES75173TP000AB0 6ES75173UP000AB0 6ES76772VB420GB0 6ES76772WB420GB0 6ES76772AA310EB0 6ES76772AA410FB0 6ES76772AA410FK0 6ES76772AA410FL0 6ES76772AA410FM0


 SPMD1201 SPMD1202 SPMD1203 SPMD1204 SPMA1401 SPMA1402 SPMD1401 SPMD1402 SPMD1403 SPMD1404 SPMA1601 SPMA1602 SPMD1601 SPMD1602 SPMD1603 SPMD1604 SPMA1601 SPMA1602 SPMD1601 SPMD1602 SPMD1603 SPMD1604 SM-Control master SM-Control slave 24V DC power supply-10A 8510-0000 SPM docking kit 3470-0012 SPMD1401 SPMD1402 SPMD1403 SPMD1404 SPMD1421 SPMD1422 SPMD1423 SPMD1424 SPMD1601 SPMD1602 SPMD1603 SPMD1604 SPMD1621 SPMD1622 SPMD1623 SP1624 DST1201B DST1202B DST1203B DST1204B DST1205B DST1201I DST1202I DST1203I DST1204I DST1205I DST1201P DST1202P DST1203P DST1204P DST1205P DST1201Z DST1202Z DST1203Z DST1204Z DST1205Z DST1401B DST1402B DST1403B DST1404B DST1405B DST1401I DST1402I DST1403I DST1404I DST1405I DST1401P DST1402P DST1403P DST1404P DST1405P DST1401Z DST1402Z DST1403Z DST1404Z DST1405Z DBE140 DBE220 DBE400 DBE600 DBE750

Siemens 6gk1611-0ta01-0bx0

 GE THJS THJS3601G VERSA TRIP 150 AMP 600V with BELL ALARM KOLLMORGEN SERVO CONTROLLER 7500 Seidel digifas 7201-sps Keyence SL-V31F Series Safety Light Curtain Transmitter and Receiver Set ABB Type S3N SACE S3 150A Circuit Breaker w UVR 3 Pole 480/600 VAC 25 kA 150 Amp LINE 5 ET BLOCK SUPPLY FAN 50-3010 01203 P56X1525H CONTINENTAL VN-TC 1PS SHIELDED CABLE 18 AWG SUN RES. DIR. BUR. 18/2 WIRE 1180FT SIEMENS HFXD63B175L TYPE HFXD6 3 POLE 175 AMP 600V CIRCUIT BREAKER SIEMENS S7 300 CPU 314 IFM V1.2.0 6ES7 314 5AE10 0AB0 SPS PLC SIMATIC Suspa Movotec Lift Systems D45-02334 Controller Siemens 6ES7 350-1AH03-0AE0 FM350 Simatic Fm 350 Contador Módulo Square D FA36100G FA 3P 600V 100 Amp I Line Circuit Breaker - FANUC RACK 16TT-MCU10277-001R00 SQUARE D 30AMP 240VAC SAFETY SWITCH H221N SERIES E2 Allen Bradley M003269692 Board PCB PLC 155507 155504 1395 DC Drive Control Board Beckhoff C6240-1032-0030 Ipc Industry Pc Control Unit Ident No. 90010.347019 Siemens 6ES7 432-1HF00-0AB0 Analog Output Mod

ABB 754A033D-12300

 GEMU 554/25D/1/9/51/1 cooling valve ALFING 0487008(Z=40) pulley EUCHNER 094805 spare parts WIKA FSD-4; m/s; one switching output (PNP/NPN) + 4...20 mA/0…10 V spare part RENK JOINT LBk 125 coupling LISMAR VISION15IK monitor REXROTH VRS-NN-PROFINETIO CSB02.1A-ET-EC-NN-NN-NN-NN-FW(PART NO:R911338329) Spare Parts LEONI 840143 bellows connecting ball SCHAFFNER FN3011-75-62 spare parts NORELEM 06194-550102 stainless steel knob KOLLMORGEN 3YL-24?LORMS:MAX??3*24A?FMAX:8.3KHZ Spare Parts NOVOTECHNIK TR-0010 displacement sensor WAGENER 368990 spare parts KRACHT D-58791 DN15 PN25 thread spare part TWK CRF58-4096G4096E01+SWF 10B-01 spare parts HYDAC SB330-4A1/112A9-330A accumulator bladder TWK SWF5U-FK-06 spare parts IFS IFEZ245 spare parts WARNER EM80GBO spare parts BUCHER RS32/105/G1 1/2 spare parts HUNGER FAφ200*20 spare parts PAULY PLG4761210216/39/3/60x30/-/20/14S q/stM10 grating transmitter S+B VCS0.1704864+OGFR 6B 24VDC master controller with encoder MEGATRON XKZA15 4K7-TC+ 13038A/0547 pot