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Types of:
Needle roller bearings entities
the inside diameter of:
Our professional sales NSKRNA6911, can provide customers with a variety of technical services, the entity needle roller bearings RNA6911 brand, you need to install the bearing with the size, the latest specifications, drawings, quotes and other information please contact sales staff!
     We also recommend: PCM758080M bearings, HJ218E, 757 / 752D bearings, NF221,31594 / 31520 / Q bearing, 6012ZENR, 6917NR bearing, 22310EAE4,23044A2XW33K bearings, 102FC67450 etc.
Bearing size drawings illustrate sample type recommended News Archive
The basic parameters of the model entity RNA 6911 Needle Roller Bearing Series 2
Dimensions 63Fw80D45C1r min
Rated load 93 500Cr dynamic load rating (N) 181 000C0r static load rating (N) 9550Cr dynamic load rating (kg) 18 500C0r static load rating (kg)
Speed ​​limit 4 000Grease greased 6 700oil oil lubrication
RNA 6911 bearing code without inner NA 6911 with…

SQUARE-D 5-breaker QOUR2105283

HONEYWELL valve actuators ML7984 32
HONEYWELL drive ML7410E 25 months
HONEYWELL drive ML7420A 25 months
HONEYWELL drive ML7421A 53 months
HONEYWELL drive ML7421B 53 months
SIEMENS converter STDC10A / 220XA only 1
SIEMENS converter STDC10A / 220XA only 1
SIEMENS converter 6SE7031-8EF60 only 1
SIEMENS inverter fan MB-MAT7MODEL5915PC-22T-B301PHASE only 1
SIEMENS transformer 460 / 110VAC0.3KVA1P only 1
SIEMENS transformer 460 / 115VAC1KVA1P only 1
SIEMENS transformer 460 / 220VAC0.5KVA1P only 1
SIEMENS only one capacitor bank 6SY7000-0AD88
SIEMENS only one capacitor bank 6SY7000-0AE00
SIEMENS Power board 6SE7031-7HG84-1JA1 only 1
SIEMENS only one expansion module EM2226ES7-222-1HF22-0XA0
SIEMENS lithium 3.6VLSH14L only 1
SIEMENS SUPER only one lithium battery
SIEMENS exciter 6SG7062-0EB60-0-Z (Z Make sure the attachment code) only 1
SIEMENS connector 6020033 1
SIEMENS three-phase ammeter MO1190-E3320-Z-001G01 + U02200 / 1A16-6 only 1
SIEMENS three-phase voltage meter MO1190-E6410-Z-001G01…

Vogel piston dispenser 12-355-077-777-VS

SIEMENS contactor 3TX7002-1AB00 5 months
SIEMENS power supply unit 6ES5951-7ND51 6 months
SIEMENS relay TYP 8731 0066 3HT 412 05072 006 6 4.3bar 8
SIEMENS relay TYP 8731 0017 3HT 412 05072 001 7 6.0bar 3 months
SIEMENS electrical device 6GK1500-0DA00 2 months
SIEMENS relay 3RH1122-1BF40 5 months
SIEMENS 6ES7313-5BF03-0AB0 a processing unit 2
SIEMENS Operation counter W15.21, 24VDC, 6digits, latch fastener, withoutreset, 25Imp / s, gray, SIEMENS 10
SIEMENS five-button 5TE4700
SIEMENS air switch 5SX2363-7CC discontinued Alternative models: 5SJ63637CC20 2 months
SIEMENS fuse core 3NA3800-2C confirm whether the model is: 3NA3801-2C 3 months
SIEMENS photoelectric conversion 6GK1500-1AB00 block 2
SIEMENS communications card 6GK1561-3AA00 Alternative Part Number: 6GK1561-3AA01 member 10
SIEMENS fiber optic connector module 6GK1502-3AB10 Discontinued models Alternative recommendations: 6GK1503-3CB00 member 3
FTGS synchronization loop power supply V25913-Z150-C1 x 2
SIEMENS power module power …

SIEMENS contactor 3TX7002-1BB00

SIEMENS template 6ES7151-1AA05-0AB0 5 months
BIFOLD solenoid valve 10 CH-1290
SQUARE-D relays only 10 8501RS4V20
SQUARE-D only 10 base 8501NR45
SIEMENS electrical parts 3RB2056-1FC2 a 1
Schneider miniature circuit breakers MULT19 C60N CA4 Please confirm whether the model is: MULT19 C65N 2P C4A (17884) station 20
SIEMENS actuators 2SY5012-0LB15 a 1
Schneider thermal relay LRD146 (7-10A) 20 -
Schneider thermal relay LRD216 (12-18A) 15 months
Schneider thermal relay LRD166 (9-13A) 5 months
Schneider thermal relay LR2-D1522 (17-25A) 10
Schneider thermal relay LR2-D3357 (37-50A) 10
Schneider thermal relay LR2-D3555 (30-40A) 5 months
Schneider thermal relay LR2-D3559 (48-65A) 2 months
Oxygen Sensor SIEMENS C79451-A3458-B55 2 months
SIEMENS probe filter 7MB1943-2FE20 4 months
SIEMENS probe probe 7MB1943-2FE00 3 months
SIEMENS positioner 6DR5010-ONG00-OAAO a 1
SIEMENS positioner 6DR5010-ONG01-0AAO a 1
SIEMENS generator 3RX1702 only 4
SIEMENS proximity switch 3RG6044-3MM00 only 4
FUJI module A…

K2E250-AA01-09+6SY7000-0AB67 siemens

SIEMENS feedback template 6SN1145-1BB00-0FA1 2 months
SIEMENS feedback template 6SN1145-1BB00-0DA1 2 months
SIEMENS inverter fan K2E250-AA01-09 + 6SY7000-0AB67 2 months
SIEMENS rack 6DD1682-OCE3 3 months
SIEMENS SITOP power 6EP1437-3BA00 10
SIEMENS CPU battery 6ES7971-0BA00 4 months
SIEMENS 6ES79013-DB30-0XA0 a template 1
SIEMENS cable USB / PPI Multi-Master cable (S7200) // Please confirm whether: 6ES7901-3DB30-0XA0 a 1
SIEMENS template 6ES5951--7LD14 confirm whether the model is: 6ES5951-7LD21 a 1
SIEMENS control unit 1 a box 6FC5247-0AA00-0AA3
SIEMENS 6GK1105-2AD10 a template 2
A-B 1747-L551B a template 1
SIEMENS 6ES7154-1AA00-0AB0 a template 1
SIEMENS 6ES7144-4GF00-0AB0 a template 1
SIEMENS 6ES7142-4BF00-0AA0 a template 1
SIEMENS 6ES7141-4BF00-0AA0 a template 1
PEPPERL + FUCHS sensor NJ2-11-SN-G 3 months
HYDAC solenoid valve EDS3446-2-0400-000 a 1
SIEMENS computer protection 7SJ6225-5EB00-1FE0 only 1
SIEMENS computer protection 7SJ6005-6EA00-0DB0 only 2
BALLUFF proximity switch BE…


Types of:
Thrust needle roller bearings
the inside diameter of:
Our professional sales NSK FNTA-80105, can provide customers with samples of drawings, FNTA-80105 brand bearing thrust needle roller bearings, bearing rings this need, diameter, thickness of the structure, weight, price and other information, please contact sales staff!
     We also recommend: FL605 bearings, 23180CAKE4, TRU173425 bearings, 2310-TVH, 7313BEGBP bearings, 679/672, NJ1048 bearings, NA4914U, 332096E / C725 bearings, BT4B331487BG / HA1 etc.
Bearing size drawings illustrate sample type recommended News Archive
Basic parameters FNTA-80105 model series thrust needle roller bearing 1
Dimensions 80Dc1, Dp1105Dc, Dp4Dw
Rated load 63000Cr dynamic load rating (N) 365 000C0r static load rating (N) 6 450Cr dynamic load rating (kg) 37 500C0r static load rating (kg)
Speed ​​limit 3 800oil oil lubrication FNTA-80105 Bearing Code FTRA-80105.
It can be set with a fer…